The company BioEra produces and sells biological products for crop farming, including vermicompost-based biofertilizers, plant protection agents based on fungi and bacteria, pure amino acids, and bacterial fertilizers and soil conditioners.
The company has been supplying its products to the Russian market since 2016, since this year it has expanded the geography of sales to neighboring countries (Serbia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan).
The Company produces and supplies:
- Seed disinfectant;
- Foliar dressing;
- Preparations for soil fertility enhancement and preservation (including for land reclamation);
- Earthworm for waste processing and biohumus production
- Vermicomposting and biohumus production equipment
- Biohumus solid
- Bacterial preparations (biofungicide, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fixation preparations).
Employees in the company
45 000 000 RUB
Cash turnover per year
The year of the company's creation
BioEra provides a range of services for agricultural development, supplying high-quality preparations. Company specialists develop application programs, track the results, and monitor all processes of using the supplied preparations.
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AgroVerm GROWTH is a seed treatment preparation made on the basis of vermicompost, contains low-molecular humic acids, amino acids, as well as SiO2, Fe, MO nanoparticles. When treated, it covers the surface of seeds with a stable shell, the biologically active substances with low molecular weight quickly penetrate and stimulate the development of the embryo.

Provides rapid growth and development of the plant at the initial stages of ontogenesis, reduces stress from chemical disinfectants, stimulates tillering, and promotes the formation of a well-developed root system.

AgroVerm MASTER is a preparation for leaf treatment, made on the basis of vermicompost, contains low-molecular humic acids, fulvic acids and amino acids. It is an antidepressant, helps the plant recover from frosts, drought, herbicide stress, pest damage, etc., increases the immunity and resistance of plants to diseases. After treatment with the preparation, the leaf surface intensifies physiological and biochemical processes that allow accelerating the passage of phenophases. Contributes to the growth of yields up to 35%.

AgroVerm SCREEN is a bacterial preparation containing a live spore bacterium Bacillus Subtilis, which suppresses the reproduction of pathogenic fungi and bacteria with products of its vital activity. It has the property of increasing immunity to the following diseases: seed mold, root rots, rhynchosporium, helminthosporium, brown rust, Septoria spot, Alternaria spot, powdery mildew, and reduces the risk of repeated infections.
AgroVerm Nitro is a bacterial preparation containing metabolites and living cells of the bacteria Azospirillum and Azotobacter. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria use mineral and organic compounds contained in the soil, converting them during nitrification into available nitrate forms of nitrogen, which are quickly absorbed by plants. In case of shortage of bound nitrogen compounds, the process of fixing molecular nitrogen from the atmosphere is started.
AgroVerm Fos + is a bacterial preparation containing metabolites and living cells of the bacteria Bacillus Megaterium, which, when they enter the soil, develop in it, releasing organic acids and synthesizing specific elements. Due to these processes, insoluble phosphorus and potassium compounds in the soil are converted into a water-soluble form, becoming available to plants.

StartUp Bio is a specially created protein carbohydrate growing medium in which growth factors are present and optimal conditions are created for the growth and reproduction of the group of microorganisms used (Azospirillum and Azotobacter, Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Megaterium) and unfavorable for everyone else. It is used to accumulate biomass of crops from the treatment of seed material before sowing. Increases the number of surviving bacteria 3 times after application. Reduces nutritional deficiencies in the early stages of bacterial colonization by enhancing root colonization. Improves the adhesion of bacteria to the seed and root surfaces.
AGRO DV are L-amino acids of plant origin (purity 99%), water-soluble powder. The complex of amino acids allows improving the flow of internal metabolic processes and speed up metabolism without spending internal resources to ensure synthesis.
- Regulates the water regime, protecting the plant from drought
- Creates a uniform film on the leaf, prolonging the exposure time to agrochemicals
- Accelerates biomass growth by an average of 19%
- Replenishes protein deficiency with leaf plate growth and crop formation
- Accelerates metabolism in plant tissues
It contains tryptophan, isoleucine, alanine, threonine, proline, methionine, glutamic acid, glycine, valine, lysine, taurine, arginine.
Soil amender is the organic biological glue with a high content of water-soluble organic matter. It contains humus acids, enzymes, amino acids, a large set of biologically active substances and beneficial microflora. It glues microplates of soil, improves water and air exchange. Reduces application rates of mineral fertilizers by 30%. Soils better resist drought or water saturation, the pH of the soil is neutralized. Soils withstand higher technogenic loads.