The factory DreamBag specializes in the wholesale and retail sale of arceless furniture and frame poffs of its own production for both home and office. The company was founded in 2010, and our online store was one of the first stores selling arceless furniture in Russia.
During its operation, the Company has DreamBag established partnerships with leading retail chains, large furniture stores that sell our products, as well as small retail stores throughout Russia.

We are constantly working on expanding the range, and today we produce frame banquets-puffs, accessories for cars, children's goods, toys, pillows and much more. It is possible to produce products under your brand. Produce a puff fabric with your design.

Employees in the company
300 000 000 RUB
Cash turnover per year
The year of the company's creation
Arceless Furniture
Mostly Arceless furniture consists of a detachable Outer Case and a filled Inner Case. Depending on the model, the composition of the filling may vary, as well as the possibility of removing the outer cover. The filler used is foamed polystyrene foam with various additives for additional softness. There are about 10 different forms of arceless furniture in the regular assortment: pears, balls, armchairs, trapezoids, in the form of animals, etc.
Frame poffs

A large assortment of frame poffs and banquets, made with and without a box. As supports, you can use legs of different types of wood, metal supports and basement with painting in any color
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