ECOLIGHT Ltd. is an innovative Russian various low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturer, operating under the ECOLIGHT brand. Since 2015, the company has developed and launched a new Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) with a unique operation algorithm. This latest iteration will help reduce the number of fires caused due to electrical main faults by more than a factor of two.
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Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is the third stage of development of electrical mains protection devices, following MCB and RCBO. AFDD TUMOV is developed according to Ecolight’s design documentation is intended for automated fire prevention due to arcing in electrical circuits and electrical appliances in residential and public buildings, and other locations.

Arcing occurs due to a violation of the normal electrical contact between the elements of electrical circuits and electrical appliances. This looks like spark discharges between these elements, accompanied by increased heat generation and the scattering of sparks. Arcing is not recognized by MCB and RCD, because it does not cause an increase in current and its leakage to the ground.

Situation increasing risks of fire:
  • Loose connection;
  • Power supply cord defective following inappropriate or excessively numerous operations;
  • Power supply cord subjected to excessive forces (by furniture or a position);
  • Cable weakened at connection;
  • Cables damaged by their environment: UV, vibrations, moisture, rodents;
  • Power sockets in poor condition;
  • Accidental damage to a cable;
  • Ageing of cable protective devices;
  • Aluminum-copper twist-on.
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