The history of Ellego Parket originates from the emergence of company Kovcheg, established in 1993 and specializing in the production of decorative parquet from primary timbers using the company's proprietary technologies. The team's professionals have manufactured and laid about one and a half million square meters of decorative and tessellated floors, as well as tessellated bas-relief doors and other elements of premium interiors.

Projects on laying floors for Russian palaces and many public and private buildings have been implemented: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the Catherine Palace in Tsaritsyno, the Patriarchal Chambers, the Bolshoy Theater and the Central Election Commission in Moscow, as well as the Konstantinovsky Palace, the Senate and Synod in St. Petersburg, the Kazan Kremlin, the Bolshoy Drama Theater in Kazan, many premises of the Moscow Kremlin on commission from the Russian Presidential Executive Office and many others.

Thanks to the daily improvement of technology, the Ellego Parket appeared with the designer's concept.

The company has technologies with which it is possible to mill any superficial drawings, as well as encrust modules with non-ferrous metal and natural stone: marble, onyx, granite, etc

the ELLEGO system is unique in the market
perfect geometry — the module is made in the form of a rhombus, where the maximum error in geometry does not exceed 0.1 mm
easy installation with maximum precision and speed = cost savings
the ELLEGO system significantly reduces the percentage of parquet waste during installation
layers are cold-pressed under high pressure using specially developed glue, which, unlike hot pressing, does not cause deformation of the product during cooling
possibility to make any designs from geometric shapes: rhombus, triangle, square
the quality meets the price. Own fully automated production facilities. All machines are patented
25-year warranty at a humidity of 40—60% and a temperature of 18—25°C

Ellego Parket professionals noticed that when two parquet modules - rhombuses are combined, it becomes possible to pair them with squares or equilateral right-angled triangles. As a result, the ElLEGO Parket was born with a constructor concept. Ellego Parket technologies make it possible to mill any shallow drawings, as well as to inlay modules with non-ferrous metal and natural types of stone: marble, onyx, granite, etc. With the modules of Ellego Parket system, it is possible to lay the field of the customer's premises almost without waste. Also, the company's technologies allow us to produce any wall panels and wooden wallpaper. Ellego Parquet factory is located in Podolsk, fully automated, all machines are patented. The only production facility in Russia that creates its own woodworking equipment. We are proud of our quality.

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Lead(II) iodide, 99.9985% (metals basis) powder
Lead(II) iodide, ultra dry, 99.999% (metals basis) -10 mesh beads
Lead(II) iodide, ultra dry, 99.999% (metals basis) powder
Иодид свинца (II) — неорганическое соединение, соль свинца и иодоводородной кислоты, с формулой PbI2. При нормальных условиях представляет собой диамагнитные жёлтые кристаллы гексагональной сингонии. Вещество растворяется в горячей воде, мало растворимо в холодной.

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