The GLOBAL DENT Company is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of teeth whitening products, products for remineralization and professional oral care at home. Our main goal is to provide people with professional solutions to common oral cavity problems and to form a culture of proper daily care, give knowledge in the field of oral hygiene and raising the level of conscious consumption. We are working to make teeth whitening and professional oral care at home affordable for people all over the world.

All the products of Global Dent Company are produce at own manufacturing facilities with using of high-quality raw materials from the leading European suppliers in accordance with international GMP& ISO standards.
Now the produce of the enterprise is represent by two core brands in the market: Global White & WaterDent.

Global Dent has been on the market for 10 years. During this time, we managed to introduce the consumer to the product, increase the culture of a healthy snow-white smile in Russia, gain brand recognition, significantly expand the range, become market leaders in our country, and successfully enter foreign markets. Today our products are exported to 21 countries, TM are registered in America, China, Turkey and Europe. We ship goods to almost all CIS countries. In the Russian market, we are present and developing in various market segments, namely retail, drogerie and beauty chain, farm, e-com, working with the professional dental community.
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As part of the GLOBAL WHITE brand, we promote the idea of proper teeth whitening and an integrated approach to the procedure. We conduct honest and open communication with the consumer, talking about 4 steps to the smile of a dream. Preparation, teeth whitening, remineralization and keep the result on a daily basis - this is the approach that guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the procedure, and most importantly - all this at an affordable price.

The formulas for manufacturing products are developed together with the association of the best dentists in Russia, we use only high-quality imported ingredients from well-known European suppliers, the quality is confirmed by international certificates. The product meets all high standards and requirements and works realistically. We are the only manufacturer of whitening gel for teeth in Russia, the effectiveness and safety of which is confirmed by the results of clinical studies of the Clinderma laboratory. The tooth enamel bleaching procedure, using our products, allows to brighten the enamel up to 5 tones.

The products of the WATERDENT brand, thanks to their therapeutic and preventive properties, provide professional oral care, designed to prevent the occurrence of dental problems, activating the body's protective functions, taking care of the
Иодид свинца (II) — неорганическое соединение, соль свинца и иодоводородной кислоты, с формулой PbI2. При нормальных условиях представляет собой диамагнитные жёлтые кристаллы гексагональной сингонии. Вещество растворяется в горячей воде, мало растворимо в холодной.
Lead(II) iodide, 99.9985% (metals basis) powder
Lead(II) iodide, ultra dry, 99.999% (metals basis) -10 mesh beads
Lead(II) iodide, ultra dry, 99.999% (metals basis) powder
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