OSO is a multidisciplinary trade and production company, including selling tea drinks based on Ivan tea under the IOLA-ECO trademark. These products are shipped to retail outlets and retailers specializing in healthy nutrition. Raw materials for the production of tea drinks are collected manually, in an environmentally friendly area of ​ the Russian North, and are prepared according to unique fermentation recipes. The highest quality raw materials and unique technologies used give tea drinks an excellent unique soft taste.

The products of the IOLA-ECO brand were awarded diplomas and medals of the largest international food exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe, PRODEXPO, held annually in Moscow at the Expocenter Central Exhibition Center.

Employees in the company
5 277 000 RUB
Cash turnover per year
The year of the company's creation
Ivan-tea "IOLA-ECO" is distinguished by an unusually thin taste and aroma with honey shades of flowering herbs and has therapeutic and preventive properties. A tea drink prepared from Ivan tea quenches thirst, fills the body with strength and energy, normalizes pressure, eliminates insomnia, relieves depression, contributes to strengthening immunity, and favorably affects the gastrointestinal tract. In terms of the number of useful trace elements, not a single plant is compared with Ivan tea.
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