Life Force is an international group of companies, which includes manufacturing plants and a research center.
Life Force studies humic acids and their practical applications to ensure healthy nutrition of people, animals and plants.
Conducts active research work in the field of environmental restoration, land reclamation, improving the efficiency and environmental friendliness of drilling fluids.
Life Force uses science and the power of nature, creating scientifically sound and cost-effective solutions for growing and maintaining farm animals, poultry and fish, as well as cultivating crops. Our products help restore soil fertility, help combat dehumification and are used for biremediation of oil contaminated areas.

Our feed materials and additives improve the conversion of feed, the quality of meat, dairy, egg and fish products, allow you to achieve excellent performance in livestock and fish farming, avoiding the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. This is important for the sustainability of the ecosystem and the improvement of the habitat, and as a result - for the health and quality of life of people. The international group of companies Life Force includes: Manufacturing enterprises and offices in Lithuania and Ukraine.

Employees in the company
2 403 804 EUR
Cash turnover per year
The year of the company's creation
Stages of development:
Production of humic and microelement fertilizers for plants and soil
Production of preparations to restore fertility and improve any type of soil
Reasil ® feed materials have begun to be used on the territory of the European Union, Ukraine and other countries of the world
Life Force's Reasil ® Technology is being actively implemented
in many large enterprises
Development of Life Force lignite application technology as drilling fluid agent for drilling oil and gas wells on land, shelf, sea
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The watering can with a capacity of 1.5 liters is made in classic English style. Cast plastic construction without seams and joints eliminates leaks. The comfortable high handle and light weight of the watering can (300 g) facilitate the watering process. A long narrow spout supplies water directly to the root system, allows you to easily get to the base of the plant and not injure the dense foliage.
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