The company "TORDE" is part of a group of companies that are engaged in the production and development of their own trademarks distribution. The organization is engaged in the production of:

  • Vegetable preservation
  • Fruit preservation
  • Meat preservation
  • Dairy preservation
  • Mushroom preservation
  • Honey products
  • Other related products (industrial film)
“Lugovitsa” (Russia) – production and sale of honey, vegetable, fruit and meat preservation.
Liberitas (Spain) - production, import, export of food products, including canned fruits and vegetables, olives. Olive oil.
"Edim doma" (Russia) – production and sale of confiture and fruit preservation.
Employees in the company
227 434 000 RUB
Cash turnover per year
The year of the company's creation

The total number of employees who are involved in all stages of production is more than 500 people.

The company owns a warehouse terminal in the village of Zeleny, Noginsky district with a total area of more than 12,000 sq. m. All shipments are carried out from this warehouse complex.

The geography of the company's trademarks sales covers all territorial districts of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The products are presented on major international marketplaces: Wildberries, Ozon, Na polke, Sbermegamarket and others.


The "Lugovitsa" trademark adheres to traditional and modern recipes in the production cycle, which do not use artificial preservatives, GMOs, flavorings or flavor additives. The range of "Lugovitsa" canned products is represented by pickled and salted vegetables, multicomponent assorts, a variety of salad group, mushrooms, sweet compotes, jams, tropical fruits, tomato paste and legumes.

There is also a wide range of honey: buckwheat, white, polyfloral, etc.

More products
The "Edim doma" trademark is represented by berry preserves – jams and canned fruits, and vegetable preserves - green peas, corn.
More products
More products

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